Gnugo the Boss

Sauvé and sophisticated and ambitious…well that’s his opinion…!

He’s been brave enough to buy the GnuTown Bar which has been empty for months…he has big plans which must succeed. We wish him well!


Gnubia (former Miss Gnumibia) has been appointed to turn around the GnuTown Bar’s fortunes. 

She’s also hoping to turn around her own fortunes.

Gnugo’s taken a leap of faith buying the abandoned bar and he sees her as the key to a successful future….can she make it? She’s smart, driven, intelligent….if anyone can make it work Gnubia can!!!

Cheddar the Mouse

Meet Mr & Mrs. Cheddar, long time residents.

Over the years Cheddar has seen it all. He’s mad for the Jukebox and loves the Gnu Bar. 

(Mrs. C – not well pleased!!)

Michel LeGnu

Michel LeGnu…a master of Gnuvelle cuisine is another of Gnugo’s star signings. 

He’s got his work cut out to get those Gnu Recipes  Rockin’ and Rollin….!

A Gnu kitchen is his main priority where he can work his magic!

Gnu Fungaiolo

If you’ve ever gone Porcini hunting in the Lunigiana hills you may have seen the Gnu Fungaiolo.

He’s the expert though so when it’s the gnu season don’t delay….

Rumour has it he has a twin brother….to be revealed! 

Gnu Wave

Introducing “THE DUDE” one cool “BRO”…

just hangin and sharin a shaka….

he’s chillin out in Cali right now but thinsg are gonna change soon…

Ochaye the Gnu

I’m the Chief O’ the Clans…I’m Ochaye  the Gnu

We’re  a very big  family…I’m related  to you.

Let’s raise a wee glass to wish luck and health too..

From all here in Gnuworld…  it’s ….  “ochaye  the noo!

Ochaye the gnu
Gnu Mexico

Gnu Mexico

Introducing “Tequila Sunrise ” expert…

he’s mixing and shakin’ the best cocktail in town….

the GnuTown bar clients luv it when this guy is in town…